Find exactly which jacuzzi for sale is the one adapted to you

Before buying a hot tub, you must identify your needs in order to purchase the spa that's right for you. Indeed, the market is full of models, all as interesting as each other.

The ideal location

It is recommended to install the spa in a sunny and windless place, which helps maintain the temperature. This is an important element, especially in winter, and minimizes the cost of electricity.

As the spa needs to be filled and emptied, a garden hose needs to go there for this job and this will be long enough to get to the street when you empty it. Regarding electricity, it is advisable to install your spa at a distance of less than 50 meters from the house in order to avoid brownouts which could strongly damage its engine. Beyond 50 meters, a wire of a higher calibre must be used.

Important: once filled with water and to the maximum of its capacity of people, your spa will have a weight of up to 3,000 kg. So, you have to make sure that the structure that supports it is strong enough. You can choose about the models that’s owned your space by the catalogue of jacuzzi for sale on the shop online.

Maintenance and maintenance of water quality in a spa

Able to reach a temperature of 40°C, the spa water is a real factory with bacteria, which need moisture and heat to reproduce. Regular maintenance must be done to ensure the maintenance of adequate water. Prior to the first filling of the spa, a water analysis should be performed to determine what are the different parameters of it at the pH level and the alkaline hardness. Spa retailers will be able to examine it and inform you about the various products to add to the water when you fill them.

To maintain adequate water, you can analyse the water in your spa using an analysis kit. Of course, the more you use your spa, the more often the water analysis will be done.

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