How to train in a SPA ?

Water is one of the best ways to help our body recover after exercise. The ability to have a spa with specific and differentiated circuits is one of the many reasons why one chooses.

For a good activity in summer

The sea and spa, two areas that offer multiple healing and regenerative properties that help us assimilate the training. As we have said before, the peculiarity of the resorts at sea is to propose a thalassotherapy treatment. It is composed of three areas containing sea water: a bubble area, jetted region and a foam jet zone. Each offers a clear advantage for our body. Keep in mind that the spa is not the same as a spa system. While the spa itself is a space exclusively designed to relax and concentrate on yourself, spa system is designed to improve our athletic performance. It consists of hot zones, and cold zones and entrepreneurs are the main feature. Subjecting our bodies to high temperatures and immediately at very low temperatures leads to an exercise that is not realized otherwise: vasodilation and vasoconstriction, that is to say vascular gymnastics.

Improve blood circulation

Ideal for improving the return and venous circulation, fight against tired or swollen legs, improve varicose and spider veins, remove toxins, improve liquid retention. Many properties that greatly influence the assimilation exercise of home jacuzzi we have done to prepare the body to the next workout.

And relax

As soon as you enter the spa, our body undergoes an intense 80 ° to 20 ° has come to the end of the session. During this time, accelerate movements in the water to have a good pace. Sweating allows us to eliminate toxins and excess fluid, by activating breathing and oxygenating the skin. We gradually stop work well for the heart. Lowering the body temperature relaxes muscles, which also results in mental relaxation.

In summary, the benefits of the spa are numerous and will help us improve our training, to learn and to prepare the body and mind to the next.

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