A wide range of designs and styles of tubs for sale

Everyone’s shape and lifestyle differ, which is why we offer so many Beachcomber Hot Tub models. You can choose from 3 different series with a configuration that will fit you and your family and enjoy the same high quality, exacting standards, experience and workmanship that go into every Beachcomber Hot Tub. The only difference between the series / models are the size, design & options.

Portable or in-ground: what's right for you?

A portable tub is an above-ground hot tub that is not built into your landscape. This allows you to take your hot tub with you from time to time when moving houses or even changing the location of the spa in your yard. Also, instead of building your hot tub in the field, there are pros and cons to get a portable spa. An in-ground hot tub, for example, allows for custom designs and sizes, is beautifully integrated into your landscaping, and goes great next to an integrated swimming pool.

Lower Cost A portable spa costs less than an in-ground spa because you don't have to dig into the ground, pay for the concrete work or deck around the spa, or pay for the labor costs. You just have to pay for the electrical work and you need a solid foundation for the spa.

Good features : In addition to being relaxing, hot tubs are meant to be fun as well. Built-in music systems, mood lighting, and water features are the best portable spas. They also have control panels and even apps that are easy to use to help you manage your spa jets and features. With their strong therapeutic jets, Portable hot tubs are popular.

Better Seating Have you ever felt uncomfortable using a hot tub in a hotel? Inground spas usually have concrete seats that are hard, uncomfortable. Portabletubs for sale with comfortable acrylic chairs, different seat heights and angles, and even lounge seats are installed. You may be moving towards one form or the other now that you know a little more about portable and inground spas.

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